Alexis Vigneault Biography

Alexis Vigneault aims to create poetry through motion in his acrobatic performances. Whether it be with his current creation of an innovative Acrobatic light act, Juggling Sticks or the Cyr Wheel, he invites his audiences into a sacred space of connected storytelling.

His solo acts have been featured on international stages through North America, Europe, Japan, Mexico, and Australia with notable collaborations including Cirque du Soleil ( Les Chemins Invisibles ), Les 7 Doigts de la Main ( Traces ), Cirque Eloize, Chameleon Theatre ( Dummy Lab) and more.

With a technical prowess gleaned from over 10 years of training at the Circus School of Quebec, and a specialization in the discipline of staff manipulation, Alexis fuses his experience and diverse skills with a raw, emotional authenticity that has become his unique language. In 2013, he took a leap, designing the “Acrobatic Light”, an intimate, yet powerful vehicle that reveals his evolution towards becoming a multifaceted creator.

Alexis is also an acclaimed filmmaker and photographer. Looking through his artist’s eye, he explores and documents the human journey, his global travels, as well as other artist’s stories through evocative dance and music videos.


Acrobatic Light

The image of a man standing under a solitary light constitutes the first frame of inspiration for this innovative act.

When the body become the boundary between the shadow and the lights, ephemeral sculptures emerge.

“The Acrobatic Light” is a poetic, dynamic metaphor of the awakening of the soul.


Cyr Wheel

Revolving in symbiosis with his wheel, Alexis celebrates the never ending cycle of life and it’s states of constant change, sharing the emotional flow and peace he finds through this motion.


Sticks Juggling

With fluidity and precision, Alexis opens a profound visual conversation with his audience. Using his staffs to trace geometrical patterns, he generates a hypnotic experience through an effervescent and chaotic blend of contemporary dance and juggling.